Modern elegant wedding dresses 2016 online

No matter you have a romantic wedding plan or not,   In the beautiful spring season 2016, there are lots of  fabulous venues for wonderful wedding time. Every bride wants to have a perfect gown at their big day. Today let me introduce some sexy wedding dresses 2016  from online stores.

In the upcoming of spring wedding, a garden wedding party will be romantic for every bride in 2016. In that charming season teem with rich and fragrant flowers, What’s the modish style for sexy wedding gowns.

With regard to sexy elements, you don’t have to choose those front slit or Deep V neck gowns, a right  design such as mermaid styles,sweetheart ,sheath silhouette and  backless can go far for a chic sexy bridal dress. In 2016, let’s see the charms  of these attractive wedding dresses with sexy features online.

Backless wedding dresses

backless wedding dress online 2016

Sheath wedding gown

Long sheath wedding dress

Sweetheart bridal dress

sweetheart long wedding dress

Mermaid bridal gown

elegant mermaid wedding dress

At the moment, it’s free to choose your favorite gowns  with your style. If you long to add some sexy elements to your bridal gowns,  the top 4 chic bridal dress are enough to meet your curiosity and needs. In the end, wish all brides have their best wedding dress online.

Beautiful custom wedding dresses from WeddingBuy

There are a variety  of beautiful wedding gowns online that impress you a lot. At Weddingbuy , you can get one-stop made to order service for your ideal gowns. Whether it’s a  vintage princess wedding gown or a sexy mermaid style bridal dress, you will see the charms of beautiful custom wedding dresses 2016.

1. Beautiful Wedding Dress with Pick-up Skirt

weddingbuy princess wedding dress

Our brides are so elegant in this stunning custom  wedding gown with a puffy princess form. The gown is made of organza and features on sweetheart neckline, ruched bodice and lilac sash with flower ornament. If you have a large hip, then this princess wedding gown will be very  ideal for your big days.

2. Beautiful Tiered Wedding Dress

In terms of the structure, Tiered wedding dresses have lining inside & integrated petticoat. The whole gown in organza is very light to wear compared to other bridal gowns made in satin. So the ideal season to wear such a gown is autumn or spring for destination marriage use.

3.  Strapless mermaid Wedding dress

If you are seeking for minimalism, then this beautiful wedding gown with a mermaid style form is a must-have for your holy day. Having a modern look, the tiers continues to be performed on this marvelous chic gown. Some tiny beads and natural pearls go over the gown to bring you sense of happiness.

4. Wedding dress dropped waist

This nice wedding gown features a sweetheart neckline and a dropped waist for people who are in this shape of body. The ruched details on the bodice adds up to the vintage feeling of the gown, which responds to the ivory silky fabric at the lower part of the skirt.

5. Wedding Dresses with Long Lace Sleeve

Many brides find that the best way to find right bridal dress is to draw inspiration from dresses of the past fashion gowns. A gorgeous lace wedding dress has a vintage feel that flatters most women. The intricate design of the lace will provide plenty of interest to the dress, and ensure that it will not look too plain in person or in photographs. with regard to the details work of  the gown, appliques and beads are popular choices for our bridesmaids.

In 2016, the above top 6 wedding gowns are nice for your big days, you may get your ideas about your wedding gowns here. good luck!

The story of my perfect wedding dress

This wedding dress feels extremely important. I’m guessing it will make half the thing in order to create that special feeling that chick.
I have perfectly marinated myself in searches of beautiful wedding gowns and realized the following:
-Many people choose something completely different than they thought before.

photo: princess wedding dresses

-Hospitality in the stores for this purpose seems to vary greatly.
-Many people choose to sew their own dresses to get exactly what they want.
-A must try, try and try to get to know their body shape, what a fit in and enjoy.
After all searches and inspirational pictures, I have a pretty clear idea of what I like and think I will fit in. May on to sew up a dress but would first go out and try many different models in the store to get a better picture.
As many say, there may be something completely different when you get it on themselves.

photo: wedding dresses with sleeves

Here are some beautiful dresses for inspiration:
Do you have any tips on how one can choose her wedding dress? I’m grateful for any thoughts, tips on good shops, tailors, if anyone has used dresses to sell, links to good wedding blogs or pinterestkonton.
Yes, that is all that has to do with weddings, I am grateful if you wish to tell about.
Many thanks in advance!

Ideas for gifts for your wedding guests

To find ideas of wedding gifts for your guests, the hump of the wedding, Ginette Lorrain, would say you that it would be much easier, from the outset, find a theme for your wedding. This would help you in all stages of your preparation. Otherwise:

What you can make

If you love the photos, and you collect, you may have the chance to find, for every present guest, a time where you were with him in your life and who is immortalized on film. You are re-doing develop the photo and slide it in a nice frame makes cardboard House or a window frame, according to your means.

You can write, on quality paper, one of the most significant memories of a time spent with each person or each pair present at your ceremony.

You can offer the seed of a particular flower with the description of its symbolic and instructions to germinate. All presented in a really special envelope.

Why not also retain the services of graphic artists to make caricatures of each invited couples? It’s fun and remembrance is imperishable.
For each mark place, the guest’s first name may be registered with, inside the carton, the origin of his name, its meaning and why not some lines on her love life…

Photo:  one shoulder wedding dresses

Some specialists also offer gifts that may be rather economic:

  • Bags of lavender, dried flowers
  • A tree at the beginning of its growth that you can plant in your garden
  • Soaps with your name engraved on it
  • A wine glass or “shooter”.
  • A pot with flowers in glass in the likeness of your name
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate covered fruit
  • A candle
  • Spices
  • Macaroons
  • Marmalades, jellies, jams
  • A chutney
  • Apples sugar
  • The Toffees
  • Chocolates, truffles
  • Tea, Chocolate Shortbread
  • Honey
  • Vinegars
  • Cookies
  • Praline nuts
  • Seafood Pasta
  • Bamboo
  • Salt flavoured with lime, vanilla, coconut…
  • Teas fennel and lemon zest, cumin-coriander and chilli, nugget of maple sugar – and black pepper…
  • Coasters glass on behalf of each invited couple

Following the publication of this article, Mrs. Tourville wrote to us to give us his idea: “at my wedding, I made rings to identify the glasses of wine each. Very easy to make with small colored glass beads and can include the name of each also. This was very appreciated by my guests.

Ms. Simard, also reflects: “to our marriage, we had offered a bottle of flavored oil and a recipe for a family. Thus, friends who loved star anise received a bottle of prepared and original oil, including anise and other ingredients, manufactured by us. In addition, a recipe with a darling of this family product was delivered as for example; salmon, lamb, pizza, etc. Oil and the recipe were put in a gift bag with snowflakes, because it was our theme for our wedding on 13 January. Deposited on a snow-covered table, the bags divinely decorated the room and in the late evening, the guests left with their bags. We are married for a long time and people are still talking about even if oil is often repeated by each”.

A special thanks to Julie, props of the hump of the wedding and misswiskiss, registered as a member on our forum marriage and married life.

Romantic Bridal Hair Accessories for Your Perfect Wedding

Elegant wedding gowns online

Romantic wedding flower bridal hair accessories to create the Bohemian woman, along with the deep Eastern Mediterranean style to become one of the season’s most popular model!

Color flowers bridal Crown wedding ceremony is very suitable for spring and summer, even in winter, can still fill color for the wedding. Combined with the winter elements, more for the occasion. White berries produced by the Bohemian Crown with the same style wedding dress of the bride together to create a thick Eastern Mediterranean style. Mesh veil with roses, let hair Princess Bride moment turned into a graceful.

Six wedding dresses popular trends in 2016

Fashion will never stops its pace, and today we will look at 2016 wedding dresses trends, so that you will become the most beautiful bride in 2016!

Ruffle Mermaid Wedding Gown

One of the 2016 wedding dresses trends is mermaid cut / fishtail skirt which enhances the bridal body shape. In such gown, the body will be faintly revealed with a kind of subtle sexyness. Bead details on the chest add up to the luxurious feeling of the gown.

Dramatic illusion back

Lace Overlay

Unlike classic A-line organdy gown, lace overlay wedding gown give a sensanational touch for the whole bridal look. The valued lace can make the gown worth much more money when the time passes. It can really leave you a perfect impression on the big day and make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one.

Greek goddess

To play the Greek style on the wedding day, the focus is definitely on an empire style wedding dress with a long trail. Marked at the waist with the rhinestones detailing, it is one of the major trends identified on the 2016 bridal collections.


Source :

Minimalism is not only the 2016 wedding dresses trends, it is also the popular element in other decades. To see other minimalisme wedding gowns that I loved, you can visit the site in the caption as we always treasure the pure, simple & neat style.

Beautiful hanger for your wedding dress

Wedding dress on delicate hanger can be so beautiful? Check out these amazing beautiful hanger!
Everyone  has only  a lifetime wedding, and it’s not sloppy at all. From wedding shoes to wedding dresses, some brides even takes a year to plan their perfect wedding. Most brides have desires for a gorgeous wedding, but many small details was overlooked. In fact, it will count like a beautiful wedding hanger.

Wedding hanger idea from

Among your Wedding photos, wedding gowns hanging on a hanger is very sweet and charming! So, how could you ignore the function of wedding dress hanger? In 2016, choose hangers to add more  pleasure at your big day.
Unique design:

Don’t want to use unique racks like your bridal gowns?  If so, you can choose this superior design hangers. Middle letter can make your name or wedding date, the hanger is absolutely unique in the world! After use hanging in the wardrobe is an absolutely beautiful souvenir!
Lovely Princess style:

Synonymous with bows, hearts, white is cute. Many brides like cutest thing, but I don’t want to put the wedding into a lovely feeling of this style so that there is no romantic atmosphere. In this case,you can select small items into a cute style to meet maiden hearts of the brides !
Simple home style:

Minimalist white coat hanger, if not for a wedding, hanging in the closet can be a beautiful decoration. Light blue simple racks not only can hang beautiful wedding  gowns, but also it’s practical choice at home. Simplicity is beauty!
Wood natural style:

Simulation tree hangers and wooden hangers have unique style and flavor.  They are absolutely best choice for bride who love forest style.
Mature elegant style:

Metal hangers, are simple but not fancy. They are suitable for mature and elegant bride.  What’s more, it also has a unique noble princess style!

Retro style is really a classic and charming design! Even the vintage hangers follow the trends. Romantic retro-style hangers, matching the appropriate wedding dress, are enough to be a fascinating picture. Hangers with Royal vintage style of exquisite materials and decorations are unique.
This little detail is really beautiful, especially the wedding day photos, beautiful wedding dress, matching the right hanger, flawlessly.  Why not buy some for your perfect days?

See more other dresses for wedding

Latest Wedding Dresses 2017 Styles for Brides to Choose

If you are going to walk down the aisle in the 2017, you must want to learn the newest wedding dress trends. To have an impressive and gorgeous bridal look, in the following article, you may have some ideas of the latest 2017 wedding dresses styles.

Every lady dreams to have a perfect look for her big day since she was young. Choosing a most satisfactory bridal gown is a challenge, on which you may have to spend lots of time. You need to combine your tastes with the latest fashion trends in that season. You can have some ideas from some designer wedding dress brands such as Vera Wang, Reem Acra and Marchesa. These new wedding dress arrivals in every season would be great reference. Knowing the trends would be helpful for your own choice. And also you should be sure that the new style you choose would flatter your body shape. Check the following popular wedding dresses :

Grecian Wedding Dress

Grecian wedding dresses are just good choice for those trendy brides. The clean crisp lines are modern and contemporary. Grecian wedding dress in this season is popular with some waves. Classic fabrics such as chiffon and organza are widely used in this pattern. Some draping and pleats designed in the bust and an empire waistline which are most suitable for slim ladies without a perfect bust line. The best embellishment for this kind of dress would be some pearls and stones attached in the shoulders.

Strapless High low Bridal Gown

Strapless high low bridal gowns are always in fashion, and never lose its shade. It still is the one of the most sought-after designs in 2017. The strapless dress always has a tight bodice which is very flattering to the figure. And the high low cut can just attract people’s attention to the beauties for the legs, as well as for the shoes.

Dramatic Ruffle Wedding Dress

Ruffle wedding dress, whether short or long, would be the best option for brides who want to be sexy and romantic in the wedding. The ruffle details can hide the short point of the body and adds up to the effect of the ceremony. Another alternative is a wedding gown with a racy slit. Some soft fabrics like satin works well in halter wedding gowns. Some brides who have toned body and don’t afraid of showing the skins can opt for this appealing style.

Colored Wedding Dress

Rose pink High low Wedding gown

Say no to the traditional white wedding gowns, colored bridal dresses are more and more popular. You have many colors to choose from blush pink, icy blue to mint green. Those colored wedding dresses absolutely make you stand out. Teamed with some embroidery patterns in the details, colored dresses are a wonderful choice once you know which color is most appropriate for your own skin tone.

Dramatic Wedding Dress

Dramatic Silk like Satin Wedding gown with Court train ; Source : Persun

To show your special personality and fashion statement, dramatic wedding dresses are surely good choice in 2017. Complement with some tulle ruffles and origami details, you bridal gown is absolutely romantic at all. Many embellishments can be chose to attach in your dress, for example: a crystal sash, sequins, beads and silk flowers.

Trends always change, the most important tip is choose a style that best shows your personal tastes and unique statement. Follow the above suggestions; you can select your perfect wedding dress with ease.