How to successfully organise a wedding?

For a wedding, we will not only remember the bride’s wedding dress or the gentleman’s costume. But, we will keep going over the organisation of the event for a long time to come. And it is on this that we need to remind you, that the success of your marriage relies on. To do that, you have to do things right. So, we wonder how to have the perfect organisation for your wedding. If you want everything to go well on your big day, you are called upon to read this article to the end.

Let the wedding be a life-time memory for all guests !

A wedding can be planned well in advance

As soon as you say yes, you should already start thinking about how to organise this important day in your life together. You must first find a date for your wedding. This should allow your guests to join the party and your service providers to be free to satisfy you. Also, you must find a place for the wedding. It is advisable here to take places where you can make your reservation one year in advance. This will give you the time you need to prepare yourself better. Now, you have to think about who will be present for the event and the roles you want to assign them.

A brown themed wedding that gathers the bridesmaid in a harmony way !

That being said, you must find your witnesses, bridesmaids, etc., well in advance. Then there is the inevitable question of the budget. Here, include everything up to the planner and caterer who will be hired for the event. The caterer will help you in the choice of menus. Don’t forget to taste the different dishes in order to make your choice properly.

Choose your clothes and your photographer

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The wedding dress like a vintage princess wedding dress that you will wear must correspond to your morphology. In addition, you can choose a cocktail dress for a wedding. If your dress is to be custom-made, you need to think about it months in advance and try on your dress before the D-day. Monsieur, on the other hand, will have no trouble finding a slim suit that is the trend of the moment. But, be sober in your choice of color. With 5 months to go before the precious day, you must choose your wedding rings. In doing so, you will have time to make the necessary modifications at the jeweller’s to ensure that both parties are satisfied.

Now you must choose your wedding vehicle that matches your wedding theme. To capture the event, you must choose a professional and a professional cameraman. This is a day you would like to keep the best memories of, so long as they are clear.

The other points for a successful organisation

More than 4 months before your wedding, you must gather the necessary documents to submit your wedding file to the town hall. At 4 months from the wedding, you can send the invitations prepared well in advance so that they can take part in your ceremony. With 3 months to go, you need to rethink the decoration, the flowers to use and their arrangement in the room. Also, you must choose your wedding cake by asking the pastry chef for more information. If you have guests coming from a little further away, consider reserving hotel rooms for them. Don’t forget to take out marriage insurance for an undesirable case where your marriage is cancelled. Finally, try on your clothes and wedding shoes again before the fateful day and prepare the guests gift as well.